Summertime is still on, so have the latest nail trends…

Close-up of beautician painting a woman's nails with a brush in a nail salon. Costumer receiving a manicure.

It’s still time to wave to summer with our perfectly manicured hands. Some of us play a lot with colour and designs all year long, but some of us wait until the summer to let loose and have fun with our nails. So let’s talk about some cute designs we should try this summer, now that the sun is out, the weather is warm, and the days are bright.

During this time of year, when we fill our free time with beach days and barbecues, we can’t skimp out on having the cutest summer nails for our work days but especially for our outings. We want to make sure your nails look great by the pool, holding a summer cocktail, and on a ferry on your way to Toronto Island.


Mismatch Nails

Not only is it a great time to paint your nails with bright colours, but it’s also a great time to play with different styles, which is the perfect opportunity to try a mismatched nail look. Have the nail professional paint hearts, flowers, rainbows, and maybe some animal print on your nails —go crazy with it. 


Mismatched Hands

So you don’t want to have a total mismatch between each nail, but if you are loving two different designs or colourways —why not do both? One in each hand! You can make one set of nails a solid bright color like orange, green, or blue, and have the artist do a vibrant manicure on the other hand. Anything goes on this hand —flowers, squiggles, checkers, the list goes on and on.


Abstract Manicure 

It goes without saying that abstract nails are a nail trend that has gained and retained popularity in the last couple of years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that abstract nails are a go-to this summer. One of the best things about abstract nails is that you can mix and match all types of nail designs. You aren’t tied to the same design on every nail unless that’s how you want it. Have fun trying out different abstract patterns this summer — abstract shapes, straight lines, curved lines, dots, splatters, and more.


Rainbow French

A cute and colourful twist on french tip nails we think you should try, which is still fun but a little more subtle, is the rainbow French nail. In addition to being an incredibly easy-to-do manicure, the French rainbow is entirely customizable. You can decide the shade of colour and which colours to paint on each nail that exudes your energy and personality.


Neon Nails

When you can’t or don’t feel comfortable wearing bold colours but crave a pop of colour, neon nails are the solution for you this summer. Not only can you paint your nails all one bright, beautiful neon colour, but you can play with your choices and designs as well. Make your nails pop, especially if you often wear darker colours or prefer muted outfits.


Confetti Nails

Confetti nails can range from a subtle sprinkle of glitter to large foiled moons and stars. Some will remind you of confetti cake and other fireworks on your nails! They are one of the most playful nail trends, they remind us of being a kid and everything we loved when we were younger from jelly sandals to Lisa Frank’s bright and fun school supplies. Confetti nails can be understated or over-the-top —we’ll leave that choice up to you!


Kawaii Nails

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous this summer, try out adding some accessories to your nails in addition to playing with colours. Kawaii nails can range in color and size, and you can add one or two accessories to your nails or go all out and add multiple cute accessories to all of your nails. Let your personality shine through your picks of hearts, smiles, hello kitty stickers, or jewels.


Blue China Nails

For a more classic look, ask your nail technician to give you beautiful blue china nails. Blue china nails are exactly what you’re thinking. They emulate the art painted on china. It is elegant but bright and beautiful, the perfect colours for summer, delicate and pleasing to the eye. With a clear or white base and a rich shade of blue over it mimicking the intricate or simple florals or patterns that you typically find on fine china, you simply can’t go wrong!


Floral Designs

A nail design that you will always be happy with is floral nails. Floral nails can be simple or intricate and delicate. But, for this summer we say go with a simple flower in any and every colour you may want. You can stick to white daisies since they will match most outfits, or mix it up with pastels and neons or, even a mix of both. 


Fruit Nails

Fruit nails are such an adorable manicure that scream summer and have a lot of personality. It is a nail trend that can be subtle in its design or be neon and bright. You can achieve fruit nails in a variety of ways —painting them on with nail polish, nail wraps, or nail decals. Pick your favorite fruits and get your nail technician to artfully make your nails embody summer by giving you the best fruit nail design you could ever ask for. 


Tropical Manicure

A widely sought-after manicure every summer is tropical designs, especially when people are headed out on a tropical vacation. Getting flowers and foliage designs on our nails is not a new trend, but it is a trend that will simply never go out of style. Each summer, it comes back with a new twist and fresh spin. Tropical nail designs often include palm leaves, tropical birds, hibiscus flowers, birds of paradise, or plumerias.


Beach Inspired

Do you love the beachside and want to replicate it on your nails —beach nails are exactly the manicure you need. Recreate the water washing up on shore and foaming over, add sea shells, starfish, and maybe a touch of glitter, and you’re all set, the perfect beach manicure.