Frequently Asked Questions - Beauty Providers

  • Download the app on your phone
  • Click on provider and complete the form
  • Have your certification and police check ready
  • Start getting booked by clients!


No. Registering with ScissorsCut App as a Beauty Provider is free!

Yes. In order to stop the virus and keep our community safe, it is mandatory that all beauty providers on the ScissorsCut App have the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yes. All beauty providers in ScissorsCut App are obligated to wear masks, gloves and disposable aprons.
Please read the Terms and Conditions under the app for specific details.

Yes, we do ask every user and provider to practice all COVID-19 recommendations. The Self-Evaluation Questionnaire.

Yes. Have the CRJMC – Level 2. The most convenient way to get the criminal record check is to apply online.

  • Use new or disposable applicators, brushes, and tools
  • Note expiration dates of products
  • Never apply directly from the product
  • Disinfect Makeup between clients (alcohool 70% mist or gently rub off top layer) 
  • Please bring in your makeup kit: Metal plate & spatula for cream products; Ziploc bags to put dirty brushes in; Professional brush cleaner; Paper towels & tissues.
  • The customer should provide the right conditions for the service to be provided
  • The customer should be wearing proper PPE (Mask)
  • The customer should wash their hair previous to the appointment (unless is a coloring/bleaching job)
  • The customer should be courteous and respectful

Frequently Asked Questions - Customer

Yes. All beauty providers and Customers in ScissorsCut App are obligated to wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment.

It’s up to the provider to accept the booking if you are not vaccinated.

Yes. All Beauty Professionals on the ScissorsCut App are registered certified vetted beauty professionals.

Yes, unless you are not colouring/bleaching, the hair should be washed before the arrival of the beauty provider. If you have any special requests you can chat with your chosen provider on the ScissorsCut App chat.

No, the stylist will wash it for you.  For C&P Botox Treatment your hair needs to be washed with our C&P Clarifying Shampoo in order to have your hair free of chemical residuals.

Yes, however you need to consult with the stylist to determine what colours and equipment to bring. If you have any special requests you can chat with your chosen provider on the ScissorsCut App chat.

  • Download the app
  • Click user 
  • Complete your personal information and sign up 
  • Once you are in the app you will see the list of providers
  • Pick the one you like & book the service on the date and time you prefer


Yes. We have a wide range of salons and spas registered with the ScissorsCut App.

Yes. However you can choose to have your own nail equipment for the Beauty Professional to use.

  • Proper Sanitized Equipment 
  • Use of proper PPE 
  • Friendly and Courteous Manner 
  • Professional Certification 
  • Vetted by Police Check Certification


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