Preparing for Spring Appointments

At prom a girl and a boy

Now that spring has arrived, there is so much to plan for as a beauty professional. It is one of the busiest times of the year for hair stylists and makeup artists alike. Here we go over prep ideas and time management tips and tricks.


Springtime Events

It is the time of year for weddings, proms, graduations, and so much more in the spring. The age groups for these events vary, and the time of events warrants different types of makeup and hairstyles. For those who lavish in primping or relaxation before or after special occasions, it may also be time to open up the books to spa treatments and massages. People prepping for these events want clear, flawless skin and looks, and you’re just the person to provide this service.



newlyweds enjoying nature
A married couple

Age range: Mid-20s and older


Getting married is so memorable; for some, it may be their first and only wedding, while for others, it may be their second—no matter the case, it is a core memory for the bride and groom. It’s essential not only to consider the age of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen getting ready for the wedding but also the time of the ceremony, whether the affair will be semi-formal or black tie, and the wedding venue. If your client wants a test run, be sure not to give your time away for free and really show what you can do for them. It is a great opportunity to understand the bride or groom’s personality and how they want to present themselves on their wedding day.



Age range: 16 – 18


Prom is a milestone event teenagers reach the cusp of becoming young adults and starting a new chapter of their life. As we well know, the complexion of a teenager is not the same as that of an adult or mature woman or man and needs to be handled differently. In this age range, girls and guys are still very hormonal, which affects their complexion. Having spa treatment also can affect how their skin looks and feels. These are all considerations for professionals in both the spa and beauty industries.



A girls Graduation

Age range: 17 and older


Teens, young adults, and people in their mid-20s and on are all graduating from high school, college, or grad school. No matter their age, each wants to look stunning on their momentous day. Graduating is something to be incredibly proud of, regardless of age or what degree your diploma says you’re receiving. Because the age range varies so much, it’s necessary to make sure you prep makeup and hairstyles that will suit people of varying ages. It’s not as cut and dry as prom is, for example.


How to Manage Time and Stay Organized

Time management is a big factor in running a business, whether you rent space at a salon or freelance and work for yourself. You have to be able to stay organized to keep appointments in order, track how much you’re getting paid, and be sure to schedule a time to eat, rest, and take care of yourself. It’s easy to overwork yourself during the busiest season because a lot of income comes in. However, burnout is real, and the best way to avoid it is by keeping a healthy schedule. 


There are a few ways to stay organized, which include time audits, time management apps, delegating work, setting time limits, and prioritizing tasks. 


Time Audits

It is essential to reflect on where your time is being spent and how much time you need to complete tasks and appointments. Look at an average day or week for you and break down each day, when do you start your day, how do you start your work day, how long does it take you to set up and then put away your tools, and also consider the days and time you need to buy or replace products and tools, it’s not only about the appointments.


You can do these breakdowns in any number of ways. One way is using time management apps, which we expand on below. Another way of doing this is by keeping a calendar if you prefer writing. Be sure your calendar or notebook is set up as an hourly planner and block both work times, lunch/dinner, and free time or time spent outside of work. This method truly helps you prioritize and puts into perspective what is getting done or pending. Dedicate another section to prioritizing the day-to-day tasks. 


Time Management Apps

Keeping track of everything we work on and keeping on track can be hard when we don’t have a fixed schedule and the days fluctuate. Staying focused be a difficult task on its own, but just like time audits is a good practice, in an effort to remain on track and organized, so are time management apps. There are different types of apps you can try to help you not only track your time but also billing and help you delegate work, if possible, and prioritize tasks. Some apps to consider are Habitica, Quire, and Todoist.


Setting Time Limits

Knowing that there are more clients than usual this time of year, assuring you set strict time limits for each appointment is more important than ever. Going over will keep you from taking much-needed breaks and will mean shorter time frames between clients, ultimately leading to unwanted stress. Rushing to get anything done will be counterintuitive no matter what time of year, but high season is definitely the time to stay on track.


One way to ensure there is no rush and you block out times per your location and set work hours for the day is to schedule your appointments within a close radius of each other. This way, even if you block out time for a lot of clients, you can move from destination to destination swiftly without much consideration for traffic. Don’t forget to block out times to reset and reorganize your makeup and hair kits. Doing your job efficiently and effectively will keep you energized, motivated, and happy doing your job. You want to enjoy what you do every day, not dread it.