Art Nail For The Holidays

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It’s the Holiday Season, and it’s time to have a little extra fun with our nails! Here at ScissorsCut look forward to getting a bit more creative with designs, styles, types of nails we use around the holidays. 

It’s the perfect excuse and, for most jobs, pretty acceptable. We are here with some inspiration and advice on making your nails last. Manicures, full sets, and press-ons can be pricey, so we want to make sure your holiday nails last this year.

Press-On Nails

According to Spate, Google searches have risen by 32.2% for press-on nails through June 2021. Press-on nails have come a long way over the years; quality has gone up, shape options have increased, and there are now a variety of designs. So if you’re looking for an affordable option for nails this year, let’s just say —press-on nails need to be your go-to.

You can find a diverse choice of styles, from traditional Christmas colors to darker tones, and brighter colors. There is a shade and design for everyone across the board. No one would ever guess that they weren’t done at a salon.


Gilded Tips

Add a subtle metallic splash of gold, silver, or even glitter to the tips of your nails. Gilded tips are a happy blend between french-tip manicures and gilded nails. You can add a dash of brightness to a nude paint, clear polish, or a darker nail and make your nails holiday glam. 

They can be a straight line, just like french-tip, or have a slight dip. Regardless it is a classy way to brighten up your nails any time of year.


Velvet Nails

A smooth and classy nail trend that you definitely want to try for Christmas or New Year and throughout the year is velvet nails. There is nothing more stylish than a beautiful velvet nail in practically any color you can think of. Velvet nails look velvety due to a trick of light that gives them dimension and the velvet sheen that you are seeking.


Abstract Nail Art

You might have noticed nails with splashes of color, squiggles, dots, and animal print are more popular than ever. Abstract designs are in high demand. You can be up for squiggles or waves, but not bright colors; in this case, you can request the fun designs in neutral colors or traditional red tones without the design being too flashy.

But if you love, love, love bolder colors and an array of designs, you can mix it up. Regardless of your personal style, you simply cannot go wrong with abstract nails


Cheeky Nails

If you’re looking to have a little fun with your nails, whether they’re bright or dark, cheeky nails are the way to go. They are cutesy designs that are lively, fun, and casual. They are the nail equivalent of ‘soft girl makeup’ —think of flowers such as daisies, fruits, and playful stickers.

For this holiday season, you can play with ornaments painted on, snowflakes or Santa painted on your nails to fit the theme. But cheeky nails are a great option throughout the year. (@cheekynails_adl

Smiley Faces

Much like cheeky nails, smiley face nails are playful and meant to be vibrant. When you want your nails to show off your fun-loving personality, the way to go is smiley face nails. It doesn’t matter the size, shape, or style of your nail —smiley faces can’t be limited. 

Smiley faces pop and make a statement, and they’re never a bad option. You can select bright colors, dark colors, and neutrals. No matter your choice in color, smiley faces will liven up your talons. 


Make Your Nails Last

Now that you’ve picked your nails of choice, we know you want to make them last. Manicures can be costly and sensitive to daily tasks. If you painted your natural nails, the fear of breakage is always there, and if you got press-ons or a full set, you might worry about nicking them or damaging them in any way.

Those of us here at ScissorsCut who like to indulge in nail fun, always make sure to follow the tips listed below.

Moisturize Your Nails

It is important to keep your cuticles moisturized because the cuticles are a delicate area. They can easily dry and crack, especially now that it is cold! No one wants their cuticles to flake, crack, or peel. Moisturizing with cuticle cream or oil will help prevent these symptoms, especially if you or a manicurist has cut them.

Picking Your Nails is a No-No

When a nail is uneven, or you have a hangnail, you might get an urge to pick at it. Picking your nails can lead to further breakage and chipping of your manicure. Nail picking is also considered a condition linked to anxiety disorders. If this is the case, this is entirely different than mere nail design damage, and you may want to consult with a medical professional. 

Otherwise, you can clip off any hangnails instead of tearing or ripping them off. Picking at an uneven nail can lead to a painful hangnail as well.

Don’t Cut Your Manicured Nails

Cutting manicured nails will, in most cases, lead you to ruin them. By cutting the nail, you can remove the seal, making it easier for water to get in and ruin them. If your nails feel like they are too long, file them down instead of using scissors or nail clippers. 

Wear Gloves

If you’re going to do chores around the house, and let’s be real, you definitely always have chores to do, make sure to wear gloves. Doing chores is the perfect recipe to ruin your nails because you can easily nick polish or break. Not only is breakage a risk, but using cleaning products can also damage your lovely nail job, and you don’t want that!


One last quick tip to keep your manicure looking great for a longer time is to type with your fingers, instead of your nails. Using your nail as a tool is a sure-fire way of damaging them.

Have fun with your nails this holiday season and year-round. Share with us in the comments your favorite styles, colors, and shapes