Fall 2021 Hair Colour Trends

Master shows palette of hair colors on background of client's hair.

Let’s be honest, playing with our hair colour is always fun. Whether we dye it natural hair colours or play with fun, bold colours like pink, platinum, or lavender. If you are looking for a new tone for your hair and have a little fun this season, we’ve got the 411 on the hair colour trends for fall 2021. We will also go over finding the right colour for you if you’re not sure what tones suit you and how to keep the colour from fading and your hair from damaging.

Fall Hair Trends

So you’re looking to change up your appearance, but you need a little inspiration. Let’s discuss the hair colours of the season for 2021. Well, it may seem unexpected and surprising, but we are excited that peach is at the top of the list. Peach balayage is a beautiful tone that you need to absolutely try. It’s not quite pink and not quite orange – it is a soft tone and will go beautifully with the earthy undertones of fall fashion.


If you are bold and willing to try something different, we encourage you to try this striking colour.

Balayage Fall Inspiration

Is Balayage more your style instead of a total colour change? Let’s discuss options and inspiration for you.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

  • Golden Peach —Do you love-love having a golden glimmer to your hair? Golden peach combines the shimmer and highlights of blonde hair with the softness of the pastel-like tone of peach hair dye. 

  • Face-frame highlights —Maybe you’ve never dyed your hair before, or you’re trying to keep your hair from becoming too damaged. Framing your face with highlights could be the right style for you this fall. You can have a little fun without as much commitment. 

  • Tweed —Perhaps your lifestyle requires a more subtle look, or you prefer hair tones, this doesn’t mean you can’t play with your hair colour and have a little fun. Tweed still allows you to do balayage but with earthy tones that aren’t too bold and more natural.

  • Sunkissed —A step up from tweed is a sunkissed balayage. Still somewhat subtle and natural because it accentuates sun streaks.  

  • Babylights —A style reminiscent of the true hair colour of children, babylights, mimics this look by making the crown of the head and the tips of the hair brighter than the rest of your hair. It consists of very fine and subtle highlights. 


The Right Colour for You

Are you considering colouring your hair, but feel unsure about what would best fit with your skin tone and undertones? If you are new to hair colouring or tired of a look you’ve been rocking and ready to change it up, it can be hard to pick the right colour and land on a choice. 


Warm Undertones

Skin with warm undertones includes traces of gold or red. For people with warm undertones, the best colour options are reddish tones like auburn, copper, and even burgundy. If you’re going for something more adventurous blue, lavender, and purple will also look beautiful on you.


Cool Undertones

Someone who has cooler undertones has traces of pink and blue. Those who have cool undertones look great with caramel, amber, or cinnamon hair. Peach would look amazing on you, and so would a rose colour, red, or bright pink. 


Neutral Undertones

If your skin is neutral, you are lucky to have equal parts warm and cool undertones. This means you will likely look fantastic with virtually any hair colour. The options are endless. Some suggestions for you are blue-black, licorice, chestnut, strawberry blonde, and rust.


Maintain Processed Hair Colour


You’ve picked a colour you love and want to make sure it lasts? There are a variety of tips you can follow to make sure you keep your locks in your new colour of choice. Getting your hair done by a beauty professional, which you absolutely should and can book one of our beauty professionals through our app, To be sure you enjoy your beautiful new style, consider the following:


  • Hold off washing your hair for at least 48 to 72 hours or longer if you can manage it. When your hair is freshly treated it is easier to wash out the colour and lose the richness. Holding off will allow the colour to set and last longer.

  • Shower with cool or warm water temperature. Hot water can dry your hair, oxidize the colour, and wash out quickly. Your freshly coloured hair will fade quickly and will become brittle, which will cause breakage.

  • As you might imagine, the downside of dyeing your hair is that it can become dry and even damaged. One way to care for your hair and keep it from drying is routinely by doing a hair mask. Having a whole colour treatment kit is even better for keeping your colour and protecting your hair.

  • Use colour conditioners such as purple conditioner, which you can buy premixed. You can also add colour to a conditioner you already use in the color of your dye job.

  • After washing your hair, air drying is ideal. Heat increases the chance of hair damage and, in general, is not good for treated hair. If you choose to use heat on your hair for a special occasion or just because you’re feeling the need to glam up, make sure to use heat protectant spray prior to flat ironing or curling your hair.

Love Your Hair

Hair frames our faces and can really show off our personality. There’s nothing wrong with having fun with hair colour at any age. So long as you care for it and treat it right, you will look great. Make sure to always work with a professional and avoid box hair colour. If you have concerns about whether a colour will hold or if it would be too damaging, be sure to speak with your stylist for their expert advice. 


Just like your skin, your hair needs love and care —purchase the right products for you, and you’ll have gorgeous shiny locks. 


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