Celebrating Women in March !!!

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Women all over the world should be recognized daily for who they are, what they bring to the table, the glass ceilings they keep breaking, and so much more. March 8th is International Women’s Day, the assigned day of global recognition for the achievements of women in social, cultural, political, and economic achievements. We should empower women through words, actions, and healthcare services year-round, but Women’s Day is a great starting point.


The Importance of International Women’s Day

The fight continues toward gender equality through how women are treated, paid, and recognized for their achievements. While every day should be a day you celebrate the women in your life, including yourself, International Women’s Day brings awareness to where there is room for improvement. Not only are there financial disparities, but women are regularly harmed and go missing in a way men do not. 


Financial Equality

Already women regularly find themselves being in an unequal divide when it comes to gender equality. Women faced worsened job insecurity, girls were less likely to be enrolled in school in many places, and women’s reproductive care declined and eroded. 


This International Women’s Day, it is noteworthy to remember that the most marginalized, such as minorities, gender identities, disabled, and socio-economic status, were some of the hardest hit. In these last three years in Canada and worldwide, gender equality has been set back. There needs to be greater focus put on increasing efforts toward achieving gender equality so that women and girls are not left behind.

This Women’s Day is an excellent time to bring attention to the National Inquiry and its model for mental health and healing, prenatal and maternity care, and overall rights of women. Some examples of what can and should be done include increasing the level of knowledge healthcare providers have regarding gender equality, increasing maternity care and funds for midwives, and affordable long-term therapy.

In regards to gender disparity in the workforce, as of 2020, women’s earnings ranged between 78% – 81% for men aged 35 and older. In leadership, there continue to be disparities as well. Within the legal profession, 22% are partners; in medicine, only 16% are medical deans; in academia women, only 32% are full professors, and 30% are college presidents. The finance industry is where we find bigger disparities, women are 37% of financial analysts, and the largest distinction is within the role of Chief Financial Officer, where only 12.5% of women hold the position in Fortune 500 companies.


Motivation and Change

We want to leave you on an optimistic note because here at ScissorCut, we want to ensure we bring you light and healthy positivity. Of course, we must understand where as a society we are letting each other down, but it is also important to remember that we have come a long way. Despite the persistent gender gap, there has been progress and change in favor of women worldwide.