Look Good On The Outside, Feel Good On The Inside!!!

We here, at ScissorsCut, began the company with a vision of not only making people look good on the outside, but also with the goal of teaching you tips and best practices to better your mind and body so you feel good on the inside. Over the next few months, we want to give you […]

Caviar Hair Products: The Solution to Your Hair Problems (2021 Edition)

the benefits of caviar for hair graphic

Long gone are the days when caviar was just considered a luxury food. It turns out that caviar for hair is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Its useful composition attracted the scientific community’s attention, especially in the cosmetic field. Now you can find caviar in a multitude of hair and skincare products everywhere. […]

Introducing Patricia, Founder and CEO of ScissorsCut App

Patricia ScissorsCut App Founder and CEO

ScissorsCut App is a beauty app that’s connecting certified hair, nail and skin experts with people who prefer to receive services in their own living spaces. The at-home beauty services provided are for busy families—but there’s more. The app is an absolute gamechanger for beauty professionals looking for new ways to grow their businesses. If […]