Be Your Own Boss Now!!!

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Having a set schedule for work doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle and needs. ScissorsCut sees a need for beauty professionals getting some flexibility in their working lives; not everyone can work salon hours or be there every day, for that matter. Life has changed a lot for everyone since 2020, from homeschooling, working from home and being locked down for several months, salons and spas have lowered their capacity.

You may have a family member at home who is at high risk, making it difficult for beauty professionals to be working, whether the salon is at limited or full capacity. We get that! It’s also extremely freeing to be your own boss, get full pay, and pick your clients. We invite you to become part of ScissorsCut and work for yourself! 

Save Money

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Save money

When you decide to be your own boss and do house calls, you have the ability to save money. When you work on your own there is no need to pay for rental expenses because you will work at the location set by the client, be it their home or a venue. You don’t have to have a long commute because you get to decide how far from home you’re willing to travel. 

Since you are saving on rental space and controlling your commute, your net pay is ultimately higher. Especially so since you are setting your own cost and not relying on your employer to set the pay, you set how much you will charge for your beauty services. By being self-employed, you get to do what you love as a beauty professional and make people look good and feel good while being in control of how much you spend and get paid. 

Pick Your Own Clients

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Hairstylist with a client

Let’s be honest, some people can be difficult to work with and can take a toll on your mental health. You can choose the people you want to work with…  why not take advantage of that! Work for yourself, pick out your clients, and build your clientele from there! Creating your own book of clients may seem daunting at first, but once you take the time to do so, you won’t regret it.

Having the opportunity to interact with clients that you truly like and enjoy working on will greatly increase your quality of life. ScissorsCut wants to give you that opportunity and space to meet the goal of being in charge of your work-life; we believe in you and your skills. 

Develop Good Working Habits

A benefit and side-effect of being self-employed is creating and learning to maintain an excellent work ethic. Don’t worry about whether you can maintain your book of clients or doubt your ability to keep everything organized. We know that working for yourself will teach you to organize your day around your needs in a way that is efficient and easy for you. Because you want to succeed, you will learn the skills necessary and gain great work habits like punctuality, reliability, and frugality.

Make Your Own Hours

Not only will you save money and make more money by being your own boss, but you will save time and be in control of what hours you work. As long as you create a realistic work schedule for yourself and commit to it, you will be successful. When working for yourself, you have the ability to decide what hours you can take on clients during the day allowing for flexibility to care for your family or complete any other tasks during times of the day that you normally wouldn’t be able to because of stringent work hours.

And if you want to work part-time in a salon and part-time for yourself, you can do that too! 

Here at ScissorsCut, we believe in having options in regards to work-life. We want to facilitate you in reaching your goals in the beauty world.

Employment Protection

Because you are an excellent beauty professional who will surely wow any new client, we have no doubt you will have a long and fruitful career. Since you are your own boss, you have assured employment. That isn’t true when you work for a company, many factors go into keeping your job there. Even during downtime, as a self-employed beauty professional, you’ll have the ability to create incentives to gain new clientele and network, keeping your business alive.

An Appreciation For What You Do

When you’re in charge of your own business and how you make money, you’re in it because you love the work and have dreamt about doing what you do. You have worked hard to be good at your skill, and becoming an excellent beauty professional doesn’t happen overnight. 

Putting in the work to master your craft and build your client book allows you to appreciate every achievement and every goal met. That includes checking off a list of tasks, reaching a target for how many clients you want to book, or achieving a specific earnings goal. Every day you feel reinvigorated and motivated to keep going and keep pushing forward to continue to live your dream career.

Time For Your Family

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Whether your family is your blood or your friends, having a rigid schedule can sometimes keep you from spending quality time with those you love. If you have littles at home or other dependents, it is easier to take care of them when you have the freedom to create your own schedule too. Flexibility at work helps alleviate some stress when figuring out who will take care of them and get them to any appointments or extracurriculars. 

The openness in your schedule allows for the quality time you spend with your family to be stress-free. If there is a family emergency, you can handle it without worrying if your employer will allow the time off or if your job will be on the line. 

Take a look at our app and consider being a beauty professional on your own terms by finding and serving as many clients as you want be there