Advantages of In-Home Beauty Care

Family open the doors to someone coming in

Life is hectic, especially if you have children or other dependents living in your home. For those of you with children, we know that they keep you busy between virtual learning and in-person learning, not to mention any extracurricular activities they might have. These days, you are likely trying to find ways to simplify your life a bit, and we don’t blame you.

There is great news… In-home beauty care services for you and the whole family!!! 

Now you can book a haircut, or makeup for special events, or even you can have someone come wherever you are to pamper you by doing your nails or by  providing the skincare services you want. ScissorsCut will take care of you!

facial for Mom and kids

These are some of so many advantages of in-home beauty care services: 

Avoiding Crowds

Whether it’s because of the pandemic or because you’ve never liked crowds, to begin with; you might not always enjoy going into a salon and you wish the salon would come to you to get your haircut, have your nails done, or other beauty service. Crowds can be overwhelming and, at times, anxiety-inducing. It is why we provide the convenience of a ScissorsCut professional who will help you avoid unnecessary crowds by coming straight to you. 

When you avoid crowds, you also lower your chances of getting exposed to viruses, which is huge. In addition to that, you can also avoid going out in frigid temperatures in the winter or, in the summer, intense humidity. Not only that, but you don’t have to sit in a crowded room waiting to be helped. The moment the professional arrives at your home, they are there to assist YOU with the service you need and their undivided attention. 

Any Location

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Not only do our top beauty professionals come to your home, but you can also book a ScissorsCut provider with our app to go wherever and whenever you need them to! If you’re getting married or having a special celebration, have one of our professionals do a test run, and once you love their work, which we know you will, you can book them to come straight to your venue. You don’t have to worry about commuting to get the treatment or service you need because the best beauty provider will come to you!

Now that some of us are working in office again, we know one way to keep our colleagues engaged is to set up work events. You can book one or more professionals to come to your office and offer a little self-care. It is a way to reinvigorate everyone and increase morale in your workplace. And another wonderful advantage of having a beauty professional at your place  is that you save money on travel. There is no need to pay for gas and parking or a need to account for the time it takes to commute and to find a spot to park.

On Your Schedule

With everything open at a lower capacity and managing multiple responsibilities, it can be hard to get an appointment at a salon at a time that works with your schedule, even if you don’t mind the crowds. Having one of the top ScissorsCut professionals come to your home makes it easy to book a haircut or other treatment for everyone in the family at the same time.

Penciling in time to give yourself a little self-care is important, and when you can make it happen based on your schedule, it is easier to take the time to do it. We all deserve to pamper ourselves now and then —booking a professional to come to you makes self-care feel less like a chore and more about spoiling yourself a little. 

Certified Professionals

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It goes without saying —all the professionals that are available for booking on the ScissorsCut app are beauty providers who are certified in their profession. The beauty, skincare, and spa providers on ScissorsCut all have a wealth of experience in their craft and are extremely personable. 

There’s nothing wrong with going to a salon, in fact, we love to go too, but there are times when it’s simply easier to pay for the convenience of having the salon coming to you who will provide the same quality. The main difference is that it is in a one-on-one setting, in your home, or at any location you choose to book them. 

Our beauty professionals are dedicated people who love to do what they do. Some work part-time in a salon while also doing on-location work, and others work strictly doing house calls, making their own schedules, and enjoying working with their clients in a more personal setting. All of them are wonderful people who are providing for themselves and some for their family’s as well. 

At Your Fingertips

Mobile Beauty application

With our app, hair care, skin treatment, nail treatment, and spa treatments are at your fingertips. Accessibility and quick turnaround are something we are all looking for. Having the ability to book a beauty professional with a few clicks goes a long way when you are leading a busy professional and personal life. We here at ScissorsCut want to make your life painless by granting you access to a wide variety of beauty professionals in different sectors of the beauty industry.

We are continuously growing and connecting with new professionals to increase your options. Here at ScissorsCut, we are always searching for more talent to bring to you to help provide you with the services you need. We hope that you are willing to book beauty professionals through us. For those of you who have already used our app, we look forward to continuing to provide services to you and hope you spread the word. If you’ve used our app before, leave us a comment below and let us know about your experience. 

Allow yourself to take a breather from your day-to-day life and enjoy indulging in some me-time this year. Make 2022 the year you take care of yourself from the inside out, and remember that when you feel good, you look good!